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We Are Locally Crafted Food & Beer Serving Since 1978.

At Beckett's, we have attempted to re-create some of the elements that make great pubs of Ireland truly unique. In a true Irish pub, there is a special ambiance and charm, where people relax and can be themselves - enjoy the art of conversation, revel in Irish music or simply enjoy a quiet moment of reflection. Coupled with great food and drinks, partaken in a convivial atmosphere, the essential elements are in place for a fun time with friends both new and old.


Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 1PM
Saturday - Sunday | 9AM - 4AM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

A true Irish pub in spirit and decor, Beckett's is an gathering place where its friendly bartenders and severs will make you feel at home.

Ham and Fontina​ With Beer combo

Enjoy delicious ham wrapper with the side of a light beer to get your night started with a burst of flavours.


Chicken Italiano and Red Vine

A sophisticated dish of chicken Italiano can be made more delicious with the glass of red wine.


Spaghetti Delle With Scotch

A plate full of spaghetti yumminess served with one of the best scotch to help you enjoy your dish much better.


Crumbled Sausage and 2 Beers

Want to enjoy food with your favourite sports, crumbled sausages and two beers will be your go-to.


Baked Meatballs

Looking for some good source of protein? Baked meatballs is the best with any drink of your choice.


Good Food | Good Wine​

Wednesdays Means

Happy Hours!

Half Price Bottles of Wine and Six Tasty Lunches for $9

t's said that the "Irish don't drink a lot, just socialize where they happen to serve drink". Beckett's lives up to this saying, where most nights you can find a very mixed bag of conversations, laughter and interesting people, all under the watchful eye of the ever-friendly bartender. And don't be surprised if that bartender is leading the conversation.

With 11 taps dispensing such great beers as Guinness, Murphy's, Caffrey's and more, it's no wonder that such times are already talked about.

Happy Customers!

The food here is just amazing, and the drink combo makes every visit with them just much more enjoyable.

- Shamika Smith

The ambience that creates in Beckett’s is exceptional, which helps elevate the mood of anyone who visits.

- Jose Hatts

Our Blog!

A Guide To Drinking Alone At A Bar


It is a fun idea to pop up in a bar where you can drink on your own terms where you do not have to wait for your friends. This is one of the best ways to give yourself time to reflect and relax. You can do a lot even when you are drinking alone on the bar.

Avoid peak hours

This is one of the most obvious untold rules that you need to keep in mind. If you are looking to keep yourself away from the crowd peak hours is not going to be of any help. Going to a pub when it is not crowded is one of the best ways to socialise, which allows you to enjoy your drink and sit in peace for some time. If you are someone who likes to socialise happy hours is the time to be in a pub.

Try a hotel bar

If you are trying to drink alone, a hotel bar is the best place to be. Hotel bars are definitely one of the best places to be alone. This is because most people are just passing through, which can allow people to unwind. This is not a venture which will make you feel awkward for being alone. These hotel bars are open and can allow you to enjoy different hospitality than that a pub.

Try a hotel bar

Chat with the bartender

If you want to be left completely alone, this is not the best advice, but if you feel a bit chatty, you can talk to the bartender. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you have someone to talk to. You can start by asking the bartender the question which can grab his attention. You need to make sure that you are being nice to the bartender, which is one of the best ways to help ensure that you have some time for yourself also while meeting other people.

Make the bartender a wingman or wingwoman

Bartenders can also be the wingman or wingwoman who can help you connect to different places. You can also make sure that you have the right seat to help people ensure that you are seated next to each other, which can help you spark conversations. It is important that you make sure that everything is respectful in the conversation.


Go back

There are many people who are trying to become a regular at a bar, and going to the same place regularly is one of the best ways to bring the right change. Becoming a regular allows the bartender to remember your drink and also have a certain level of expectations from you every time you go to the bar.

Beers To Try If You Hate The Taste Of Beer


Beers are universally loved, but there are still some people who cannot deal with the hardcore taste of the beer. There are beers which can match the personal taste of the person, and all it takes is experimenting. Here are some beers which will allow you to enjoy the beer even though you have the taste of the beer.

Corona With a Lime

Corona with lime is one of the best ways to get a refreshing light beer. The 100 calories and five carbs is one of the best drink for your summer. The pack is $10 and can allow you to enjoy a beer without getting extra calories and is one of the best when it comes to a summer barbecue.

Corona With a Lime

Abita Purple Haze

Purple haze is a lager which is brewed with real raspberries which is what gives the beer its fruity flavours. The fun purple colours is one of the best ways to enjoy the beer with the eyes. This is the drink for if you like the sweet taste of the beer, which allows one to enjoy it with desserts.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

A personal favourite is Leinenkugel’s summer shandy which is a crisp light beer with lemon flavours. This is a beer for people who are trying to enjoy their summer but also are not into heavy beers. This is one of the main reasons it is a staple for a lot of people.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Bud Light Lime

Bud light is a quality drink which is made of 100% natural lime flavours. This is one of the pickiest beer as it can allow you to experience something different from the natural beer. You can enjoy this drink during the summertime while being able to enjoy everything.

Shock Top

Shock top is a spicy Belgian style wheat beer which is brewed with real orange, lemon, lime peels for a smooth, citrus finish which is smooth. The beer chilled can convert any non-beer lover to love beers. The shock top is one of the best as it has a great taste of grapefruit and lemon, which is shady and can add to the flavours.

Landshark IPA

Landshark is a lager which is drinkable and refreshing to the person who drinks. It is an island-style summer drink which is better when paired with the spicy food for the refreshing feel always.

Blue Moon

Blue moon is a Belgium white beer brewed with the Valencia orange peels to give it the subtly sweet taste. The taste is crisp tangy, spicy and has over 170 calories which is the best when paired with tacos and can be your go-to summer drink.

Why Are Irish Pubs So Popular And Successful?


The popularity of the Irish club is clearly on the rise as the conviviality of authenticity. Irish pubs have gained themselves a reputation of being fun which can be welcoming part for most people. The Irish pub is the centre of communities in Ireland which has a long history, but the whole sense of togetherness is one of the most attractive factors of the Irish pubs. Irish pubs are a place to enjoy food and beverages which can allow you to meet neighbours and meet strangers.

The atmosphere that an Irish pub provides allows you to relax and gives you a feeling of celebrations, weddings, funerals, wakes, christening, birthdays. Authentic Irish Pubs provides Irish culture hospitality and traditional throughout, which is welcoming. This allows people to make the right memories making for a great story. The combination of the key factors and accurate, authentic designs and great music makes for a great place to hang out.

Irish Pubs

The Irish pubs are designed and have their roots into the heritage, which brings a sense of authenticity which can be taken into modern trends. This allows people to help reflect on the old pub cultures and new pub culture. This allows one to include experiences which is based on the products which offers involvement and entertainment. The Irish pub has a lot to give as it allows you to compete with and socialising is one of the best things is about these pubs.

The Irish pub has a lot of work which can help one develop into the character depending on the design. The soul of the pub is the design and having the experience allows you to be the front and centre which gives you the understanding of the design. The Irish pub also allows you to have the right decorative space which can help you create an atmosphere which will allow you to have the right relaxing experience. You can easily start by grabbing a glass of your favourite drink and start by understanding everything you want to know about the culture.

People visiting the Irish pubs are often intrigued by the characteristics of the interior design as it has the snug, the bar screens, the back bar, the bric and brac, etc. These are all the talking points which can add to the popularity to the locations. They use these design elements which can create spaces allowing you to spend your time well. Also, other reasons for the popularity of Irish pubs is the products that they offer which is entertaining to all. Having good food, drinks, welcoming staff allows you to relax. Another important thing to keep in mind is the friendly staff which can add to the whole experience.